AD Query: A useful script that allows users to query Active Directory from a Macintosh.

Application Install Stringer: This applet wil allow OS X users to select multiple packages to install sequentially.

Profile Backup & Restore:Profile Backup and Restore is an applet that allows you to easily backup and restore Macintosh user profiles.

Password Monitor: Allows OS X users to monitor when their Active Directory password will expire.

QuickLock: This utility allows users to quickly lock their system by clicking on an icon that lives in the menu bar.

QuickSync: A simple AppleScript front-end for the Unix 'rsync' command that allows OS X users to easily synchronize two folders.

Simple Backup Utility: This is the solution for enterprise clients who are unable to utilize Time Machine for Mac backups.


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I’m not sure how you found this site, but welcome to it nonetheless. This site is simply my home on the web for whatever I may need. I work as a technology architect for a large media and information company. I specialize in client technology and have spent many years developing ways to more easily manage, maintain and support thousands of client systems throughout our enterprise.

I have written hundreds of scripts that have helped to automate numerous tasks. This automation has greatly contributed to my overall success in managing so many systems. I hope to post a selection of my scripts and applets on this site with the goal that they may benefit others.

Outside of work, I have other interests too. For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved cars. Over time that passion has spilled into a love of motorcycles, ATVs, boats and jet-skis. In a way, it’s all about technology that propels us forward.

I have a creative side too. I can’t draw or play any instruments but I love music and original photography. Both provide a perspective outside of my own, which create opportunities for learning and growth.

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